Open edX Interoperability (LTI, SCORM and more)

Open edX supports Interoperability with external course standards, with varying levels of configuration and customization needed.

xBlocks: xBlocks are specially built for Open edX, so these are fully supported and require no software customizations, however do require setup and configuration

LTI: LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) is supported,and follows the IMS Global LTI 1.1.1 standards. This allows any LTI 1.1.1 compatible courseware to be supported 

OLI: OLI is supported by Open edX, via LTI. LTI allows instructors to create a link from their LMS course to their OLI course. When the link is clicked, the LMS encodes parameters about the user into the link and redirects the user to OLI. OLI verifies the parameters provided by the LMS and directs the user to the appropriate OLI course. The user will see an OLI launch page within the LMS window from which they can access the various features of their course.

SCORM: Scorm is not yet natively supported and requires some customizations. SCORM compatible content can be packaged as a standard embeddable component using a tool like Storm Cloud. This packages the Scorm content as an LTI 1.1.1. compatible module. The LTI 1.1.1. module can then be incorporated into an Open edX course

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