Perpetual CEO Interview by Zee TV (India’s Largest TV Network)

Recently, Perpetual’s CEO Amish Gandhi was invited to a book signing at the Tagore Gallery in Chelsea, New York for the Founder of Zee TV, Dr. Subhash Chandra’s new autobiography: The Z Factor: My Journey as the Wrong Man at the Right Time. Mr. Gandhi was interviewed by Zee TV about his thoughts on Dr. Chandra’s storied career.

Through the duration of his interview, Mr. Gandhi discussed his opinions surrounding Dr. Chandra and his autobiography and what he looks forward to when reading the book. Here are some select quotes from the interview:​

“It’s one thing to look at a balance sheet and look at the results, it’s one thing to look at a stock price, but for me as an entrepreneur it’s about the process.”

“The best part about meeting someone like Dr. Chandra is their stories, getting the first person narrative of experiences building multiple businesses.”

“I’m sure a lot of tough decisions had to be made along the way. I was curious about the the thought process and how he dealt with the different scenarios from HR to Sales to Business to Finance. To hear from someone that’s been there and succeeded is really motivational.”

You can see the full interview here:

Future of Financial Information Services

Our CEO Amish Gandhi appeared as a guest speaker at QCon Shanghai to provide his expertise on the future of financial information services. His talk discussed how how the rise of the consumer Internet has fueled a new technology ecosystem that can be leveraged in financial technology. He highlighted the difference between Consumer and Finance Applications and further listed 10 predictions for the future of finance. All slides and a video of his presentation is provided below.

Applying Innovation in Software Development

Amish had the pleasure of attending as a Keynote speaker at QCON Shanghai 2013, where he provided insight on applying innovation in software development. His extensive presentation included topics regarding its history, application, and the status of current innovation within this sphere. The complete version of slides in addition to full coverage of his presentation is provided below.


Wearable Tech Keynote and China’s First Google Glass Demo

Our CEO Amish Gandhi Keynoted at QCon Shanghai on the Wearable Computing Ecosystem. With his extensive experience with wearable technology, Amish shared his knowledge on the evolution of wearables, the various branches of wearable technology, and discussed opportunities for software developers in wearable technology. This was also the first live demo of Google Glass in China.