Open edX Cypress Release: Default features vs need configuration

When setting up new installations for our clients, we are often asked what Cypress release features are available by default, and which features need configuration.  

Here are the list of Cypress features that need configuration

  • Badges
  • Course Search
  • Creative Commons
  • Third Party Authentication
  • Uploading ORA2 Files to Alternative Storage Systems
  • Custom Courses

And here are the list of features that are ready to use as soon as you install Cypress

  • ​Cohorts
  • Course Certificates
  • Grade Report Enhancements
  • Feedback and Hints in Common Problems
  • HTML Spell Check in Studio
  • Learner Profiles
  • LTI Provider
  • New Studio Templates
  • Original Open Response Assessment Problems Deprecated
  • Poll and Survey Tools
  • Problem Appearance Changes
  • Problem Grade Report
  • Randomized Content Blocks
  • Report of Not-Yet Enrolled Students
  • YouTube API 3.0 API Key