Dr. Glass: Google Glass For The Medical Vertical

A lot has been said about the applications of Google to the health and medicine vertical. This concept outlines some concepts for this vertical including First Aid, Physician Finder and Doctor-Patient Communication. It shows layouts and interactions that are achievable on Google Glass using the Google Glass mirror API. See the full concept here:

Applying Innovation in Software Development

Amish had the pleasure of attending as a Keynote speaker at QCON Shanghai 2013, where he provided insight on applying innovation in software development. His extensive presentation included topics regarding its history, application, and the status of current innovation within this sphere. The complete version of slides in addition to full coverage of his presentation is provided below.


Wearable Tech Keynote and China’s First Google Glass Demo

Our CEO Amish Gandhi Keynoted at QCon Shanghai on the Wearable Computing Ecosystem. With his extensive experience with wearable technology, Amish shared his knowledge on the evolution of wearables, the various branches of wearable technology, and discussed opportunities for software developers in wearable technology. This was also the first live demo of Google Glass in China.